Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cake Caddy and Cocktails...

= a good night with beautiful ladies!

Have you ever brought a cake over to a party and something along the way wrecked your frosting? Have you ever wanted to refrigerate you cake and keep your frosting free of any other odors looming in your fridge? Have you ever wanted to just wanted to make one trip to the car, instead of two? My life is so much simpler since my sister Molly gifted me with this awesome cake caddy. Gone are the days of mushed frosting, balancing the cake on my lap, and driving slow around corners. If you don't have one, rush out and get one. Now when leaving for the dinner party I can swing my purse over my shoulder and grab the cake in the other hand. One trip to the car, put the caddy on the floor and off I go. I am always amazed when a simple piece of kitchen technology can simplify my life.
how to squeeze a lime.......
thank you Jackie!

I brought one of my Danish Layer cakes over to my friends house last night, the cake being my contribution to the blissful evening. Of course my cake was housed appropriately in it's caddy. It was all set for a girls night in. Lovely. Sublime. Delicious. Two beautiful sisters and their beautiful mother were my company for the evening. Always a treat to be invited over to their home. Simply put, we made margaritas....ate a wonderful supper and finished off with cake. We spent the entire evening in their kitchen, sitting at their large table, secret sharing, goal making, swapping book titles, discussing education and food, sipping our margaritas, laughing, nibbling on chips and cheese and eating some more. It was an amazing evening spent with 3 beautiful women. Thank you Jamie, Jackie and Sally....


  1. I need a cake caddy, Megan! I have a pretty cake stand on my bar that I try to keep full of cake, but not a caddy...Nice! I'm going out later today, so I'll see if any are on sale. I only buy sale stuff these days.
    p.s. I saw that you have M.S. Have you read Dr. Roy Swanks work and studies on M.S.?

  2. Hi Stella! Yes... We love our pretty cake stand too, but trying to bring that to a dinner party is just dangerous...:-) Check JoAnn fabrics... they send out those 40% off coupons. and yes I have read much about his work with food... I am usually on the best bet diet, meaning no beans, dairy, sugar, wheat, or eggs... my exploits into baking is for my meditation and for feeding my family and friends.. not so much for my consumption :-(

  3. Hey Megan! It was wonderful for us too. We hate all the cake you left us in one day - it was fantastic. We are singing your praises. And that's such a nice picture of you! Love this blog - you are real inspiration. Way to go! Thanks for all the praise. The night was magical - that sky! We want to try this cake ourselves but you've set the bar high. thank you. Sally

  4. Just reread. Didn't "hate" all that cake - we "ate" all that cake - loved it!

  5. glad to know you didn't hate it! Well let me make you my chocolate butterscotch caramel cake... now that is a good one!

  6. What a fun, fun night! Those are the best nights - dessert and in depth discussions with your favorite girlfriends. Also, I love the photo demonstrating the proper way to squeeze a lime!


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