Friday, June 4, 2010

Hamburgers... Summer has arrived!

Thank god for beef... after a long week with kindergartners, I needed this. Of course being the gluten free gal I am... I took my beef solo... sans the wheat bun! I even gave up the ketchup, so very unlike me. However,I did get to snap all of these lovely photos with this now permanent date stamp... grrr.. technology! Can you tell I am not a fan of the date stamp!

This has been a very busy week, and today's dinner was the perfect ending and wonderful welcome to the beautiful season of Summer. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family gather and celebrate with great food and drink... the very essence of Summer. We enjoyed chips, salty and crunchy, steamed broccoli, fresh heirloom watermelon, butter toasted buns and these amazing burgers! I tried a new pasture raised beef that I had purchased at market last week. The meat was wonderful, Black Angus, very flavorful - it left a fullness in your mouth and was not too chewy or too crumbly. We topped off the burgers with white onions sauteed in BUTTER and olive oil, salt, fresh pepper, and of course... Worcestershire Sauce. God... that sauce is good... we also threw it into the burgers, along with fresh green onion, black pepper and a wonderful spice mix from Penzeys

I was full of JOY while I made this meal, I knew that my heart ♥ was full of l.o.v.e. for my family and that keeping in the present, being mindful while I cooked would really pay off! It did, sanity and peace overcame us tonight at the dinner table, hungry mouths feasted, thirsty bodies drank! The dance of summer has begun! How blessed we are to partake in the warmth of the sun and the simpleness of just being alive!  


As long as we are breathing, there is more right with us than wrong us! Jon Kabat-Zinn

Tomorrow I get to partake in a day-long mindfulness meditation. At first I was a bit put out by the idea,,, a whole day of meditating! How boring! Now... all I can think about is the beauty of it all, giving up a Saturday to be with myself and just be me! 

Eat a burger... drink a glass of wine! Send your love into the food as you cook! You will be rewarded!


  1. That looks like an awesome burger. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Glad to follow you back :)

  2. Thanks for joining me as well! Fantastic trade... I think I may just make that orange cake of yours this weekend! p.s. the burger was fantastic!

  3. Oh, yum! A hamburger and a glass of wine! What could be better?


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