Saturday, July 3, 2010

alligators and oranges - Florida's Sanibel Island

We just returned from a week on Sanibel Island in Florida. Wow they like it hot, hot hot and steamy down there. A mere 95 degrees most days with a humidity that is out of control. Seriously... I have never been so fond of air-conditioning. Our entire family went for some island R&R to rejuvenate our exhausted spirits after a trying Spring. The sun, the sea, the sand and the ability to say...."no cooking tonight, let's go out for dinner" helped to make a relaxing time for all.
When mama is happy...everyone is happy!
Island Cow, Sanibel Island

Each family member had a different agenda for our trip.
Daughter - Get a tan and find shells
Son - Swim in the ocean and ride the waves
Papa -Search out Alligators and more alligators
Mama - Avoid alligators and Eat my way through the island

We all got our wish, even papa! 
must find alligators!

      I of course wanted to check out all the island see if I could glean any ideas. And being in Florida...pre-oil-spill-hits-Florida-beaches, we took advantage of all the fresh fish we could. 
     The portions we were served were HUGE! Every time we were out, I kept thinking that maybe they would serve up something on a 10" plate. Nope, no such thing. Our food was always served on a GIGANTIC PLATE, covered with COPIOUS amounts of food. I am not complaining.... I guess I was thinking... Florida...sunny, must fit into swimsuit. And it was more like,.....Florida, Hot, Sweaty, my suit is too tight.

      Sanibel Island Restaurant Reviews -

Gramma Dots - The best on the island if you ask me. We just loved this place. Best key lime pie, hands down. Fantastic grouper and assorted fish baskets. You sit right there in the Marina, fresh ocean breeze blows right in. Great for kids, you will not be disappointed. 

Doc Fords - Fun place for a good Rum drink. They are a Rum bar. AMAZING DRINKS! I am now a rum convert after I was served something so utterly delicious I could barely keep my lips off the straw. Besides their fantastic rum collection, their Yucatan Shrimp was OFTW (out of this world) something in the sauce. Pricey, worth it just for a good rum drink. 

The Lazy Flamingo (Periwinkle Way)- Must visit just for the ambience or the huge bowl of chowder! They also serve their kids food on the back side of their signature Frisbee, very cute idea. A bit pricey and huge portions. Split a meal.

The Hungry Heron - Well..... let's just say... not so great. I did order fresh scallops, but when a restaurant has 250 items on their menu, it is hard to do anything well. Flies, you see where I am going with this one? The dinner quickly evolved into silly distractions with the camera.

Pinocchio's Ice Cream - Nice ice cream. Cute place to take the kids. Do not attempt to take a photo though. I was rudely scolded about snapping a photo inside of their store of this cute flying pig. I say if you do not want photo taken.... make a sign that uses a font size larger than 14 and hang in on the front door!

The Island Cow - We tried this place on their last day. We loved it. Bright, cheery and colorful. Long wait, or sit outside. Portion size huge, but the food was really tasty and fresh. Nice kids plates as well. My husband and son had smiles on their faces, even though we opted to sit outside instead of wait out the crowd for air conditioning.

There is more to Florida than freshly squeezed orange juice and alligators. ♥


  1. looks like a great trip, I'm with you though, I would just want to eat my way across the island!

  2. I was there once a loooong time ago. I remember the lobster. Delicious!!

  3. Looks like your family had a great time! Like you, I'm usually putting food at the top of my agenda! Isn't it funny how the not -so -great restaurants make for the best conversation topics?!

  4. Thank you all for the comments. I did just love to taste anything new. The seafood was sensational. and Scarlett, yes.. the not so great restaurants do make for good conversation..♥♥♥ miss megan


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