Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Ode to the Blueberry - Blueberry Custard Torte

Yup.. it was good. A shortbread crust, crushed underneath the weight of an uber-rich custard, and topped with fresh blueberry topping. Not much more to say folks. Loads of food love....♥♥♥ miss megan

This recipe was modified after another little gem from the Racine Journal Times "Cook of the Week" Recipes. 1957

1 Cup flour
1/2 cup melted butter
1 TBS brown sugar
Mix ingredients and pat into buttered 8"x8" cake pan or use a pie plate (my personal favorite)Bake at 325 until lightly brown, around 15 minutes. Let cool

2 Cups heavy cream
2 egg yolks
1/2 cup sugar
2 TBS cornstarch or 4 tsp. of arrowroot
Cook until thick, using whisk to stir frequently.... let cool for about 15 minutes and then pour onto your fabulous crust.I used arrowroot in the cupboard.

Blueberry Topping
3 cups FRESH blueberries.. I am a seasonal snob... never frozen, only fresh and hopefully in season.
3/4 cup sugar or less.... depending on how sweet you like things. Maybe 1/2  cup if you want to curb your sugar
2 tsp. arrowroot or 1 TBS. cornstarch
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Mix sugar and cornstarch/arrowroot first with a bit of cold water. Add berries and cook until mixture just starts to thicken. Spread onto custard layer an refrigerate. Serve with fresh whip cream or meringue topping. Watch this while on the stove, you could always mash 1 cup of berries and cook that with the other ingredients for your topping and then, after thickened add in the rest of your berries in order to keep them plump. Depends on your taste buds and how much of the flavor you want to release.

all done!


  1. That looks totally awesome. Nothing like the color (and taste) of fresh blueberries!

  2. This is art -- I can just taste it now! This looks amazing! I hardly know you but I am willing to put myself out there and invite myself over to taste it! :)

  3. all i have to say is that it was YUMMY! :)

  4. MMM you had me at shortbread. Blueberries and custard are just a this looks amazing.

  5. We are both into blueberries today. This tart looks awesome. Love that blueberry topping!

  6. Love this recipe! I just found your blog and I am glad I did.

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments. It was wild to see how many foodies were blogging about blueberries this weekend. loved it - Cheers! and have fun eating all of those delicious blueberry delights!

  8. Gorgeous tart! It looks positively decadent... if I can manage to snag some of the tiny wild blueberries that are finally in season, I'm totally giving this a go!

  9. That's oozing with goodness! I can understand the last photo. =)

  10. It's the bluest of the blueberries that drew me in - seasonal is so gorgeous. Fresh! The custard is the bonus.The ooze is so inviting.

  11. badda bing blueberry! I ate the last piece last night and I think it got better as it sat in the fridge.

    @Isabelle, I am sure this would be awesome with the tiny little blue baby berries.

    Hello Belinda! trust me, it was easy to do.

    @Claudia - thanks for the beautiful blue comments - seasonal is gorgeous.

  12. That looks positively luscious! I wish you had saved us some...Such a lovely treat!

  13. Good gracious!!! Your photos are making me feel strange things! I could easily jump through this screen and eat the dish you made! Thanks for the inspiration! I have no doubt that my children would enjoy this dessert!


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