Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pom Sensuous - The Forbidden Fruit

It wasn't the apple....that's for sure. It only has 5 seeds and has no where near the "new car" appeal that a pomegranate does. Yes... the beloved and sensual Pomegranate. What could be more fecund? Glorious, red and round, she is a beauty to behold. She hangs off the small tree, waiting for hands to grasp her. Slip inside this round world and take a peek at the hundreds of plump seeds - mmm absolutely deliciously divine. This ancient fruit, first cultivated amongst olives, figs, grapes and dates brings us back to a different time. Imagine lovely figs, grapes and pomegranates, all nested in a hand rubbed olive wood bowl. A far cry from the Plastic Pom brand juice bottle that has crept it's way into our local grocery stores and a far drive from the Mesopotamia Valley.  A symbol of life, rebirth and eternal life.... I dare say that the apple pales in comparison with what this babe has to offer.

Waking up from my fig leafed dream of flowing white robes and beautiful people feeding me grapes and  palm wine, I sit in my hot kitchen, sweating, grumpy, two kids in need of attention and a change of mood. I grabbed the large bottle of  Pom sitting in my fridge and toss 1 cup into the blender with 2 cups of ice and blended until I had a crimson slush. Poured it in to the hand etched glass.... something so beautiful, no matter how far removed from it's original beauty, deserves a lovely vessel to transport it's deliciousness into the mouths of the hungry, hot and crabby.

Pom Juice Slushee.....
1 cup Pom Juice
2 Cups Ice

Blend, pour, straw, sip and relax out in your back yard. Swing in your hammock and pretend you are being fed fresh figs drizzled with honey and are being fanned by beautiful people..... ahhhh. One can dream can't they?


  1. what a refreshing drink!! and what a very well written post, I truly enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks Dennis - I really appreciate your comment! I realized that when I really go with my passion...the writing just flows. Glad you liked it!

  3. Whoa, baby! No wonder I LOVE the pom frozen yogurt at Red Mango on State. Have you tried it?

  4. Otehlia - I have not tried it... where is it? A new ice cream place on State? I never get down there any more, but I am going to market on Saturday. Tell tell, I am really love pomegranate anything.

  5. I enjoyed your writing on this and you're probably right about the pomegranate! (I love pom juice.)


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