Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fresh Colombian Aji Sauce with Steak.....Estupendo!

Again... dipping into my old stacks of bon appetit magazines, I pulled out this one (many personal modifications) the July 2009 Issue. I repeat.......This will forever replace any steak sauce that I may have used or would ever plan to use in the future. Fresh, green, spicy, with a touch of vinegar..... even the kids gulped it down. One of the best sauces I have enjoyed in quite some time. Enjoy with bliss....xoxoxo Megan

Fresh Colombian Aji Sauce

1/3 cup vidalia onion
1/3 cup chopped green onion
3-4 large jalapeños - seeded and de-veined
3/4 tsp salt
2 TBS. red wine vinegar
1 handful of cilantrao, grab a handful off of the bunch and toss into food processor

Pulse all ingredients in food processor until a juice begins to form and there is still a bit of pulp left in the sauce. Taste, add more salt if necessary or vinegar. This sauce mellows with time. Do no serve right away, the vinegar begins to work on the ingredients, pulling out flavors that will not be there until it has had a chance to sit. Serve on steak or anything else from crackers to pizza...seriously!

Colombian Aji Sauce

Marinated Swiss Steak


1.5 lb. swiss steak or flank steak - grass fed
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp kosher salt
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup chopped green onion
1/4 cup worchestire sauce
1/4 cup red wine

Mix all ingredients, minus steak in glass bowl. Add steak, let marinate on counter for an hour. This will get your steak warmed up before it is placed on the grill and I find that the meat takes the marinade much more quickly when it is at room temp. Heat grill to med-high. Brush grill with oil, and grill for 3 minutes per side. No more. Let rest for 5 minutes, slice and enjoy~with Aji sauce of course!

Marinated Swiss Steak, sliced and served with Aji Sauce

Colombian Guacamole


2 large avocadoes
handful of cilantro
1/3 cup green onion chopped
1/3 cup vidalia onion chopped
1/2 water
salt to taste, at least 1/2 tsp... I put in almost 1 tsp.
juice of 1/2 lime

Place all ingredients minus water and lime juice into food processor. Pulse until creamy, add water and lime juice! Taste and enjoy with your steak and on everything else you are serving!


  1. Ah! Too good! What are we going to make for dad at my house?

  2. Absolutely LOVE this sauce. Good choice!

  3. Love steaks ...and jalapenos.....great mix:))

  4. I am sad I never discovered this sauce before. I feel like I have been missing out! xoxo megan

    Molly...let's chat!

  5. Every thing in this meal screams my husband's name!! Thanks so much for posting, we will have to add this to our menu for next week.

  6. What a great sauce. I love cilantro - I heard this great piece on Good Food on NPR about why some love it and some don't. It's one of those foods that can be loved by all!

  7. Hi Belinda!NPR on cilantro?! I know, I love it... I think it smells like baby's breath (or at least mine!) I am going to check it out!

    @Kim - My husband loved this... just loved it! Hope yours does too! xoxo Megs

  8. Looks so green and fresh! Sounds delicious with anything- thanks!

  9. You just sent me back to my 20 years of Bon Appetits - my that is delicious!

  10. Hi Megan, Thanks for visiting me! I like your blog and I see from your list of blogs that you follow that we like a lot of the same ones. I really need to do a blog list too! Anyway, you have really posted a beautiful sauce for grilled steak, so green and fresh looking also love all the spices. The guacamole looks pretty good too:-)

  11. I have actually made this sauce before Megan. You are makes other steak sauces obsolete. I think I might have that same edtion of Bon Apetit..LOL My "vintage" collection spans more than 20 years.

  12. Any leftovers? I'll be right over! Looks divine!

  13. I love everything about this sauce--I'll have to try it someday! Great job and thanks for sharing the recipe.

  14. beautiful photos! the food looks great too!!

  15. Megan, both the sauce & dipping simply wonderful to go along with anything! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, kristy

  16. damn I gotta wrap my lips arounD THAT!


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