Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chocolate-covered Caramels Recipe (by request) and Vote!

After yesterday's "French Themed" post without a recipe (and several requests), I stopped by my sister's home to pick up the cook book that I so absentmindedly left there. It was a good thing that I stopped by, for her gargantuan dog Arlo, had somehow managed to pull a Houdini and escape out of his crate and happily eat the entire toe off of my sister's black sequined ballet flat. So much for being cute and French with those little ballet flats. Sianara sparkle!

Today, I bring you the recipe for Chocolate-covered Chocolate Caramels. The work and love you put into these is quite worth all of your focus and attention. You will enjoy your caramels for days afterward, and so will your family!

Chocolate Covered Chocolate Caramels Perlias - from The New French Baker by Sheila Linderman


1.5 cups whipping cream - Organic Valley Preferred... once you have used their cream you will never go back.
3/4 cup sugar
3 TBS light corn syrup
10 ounces extra bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped. I used Ghiradelli, Baking Chips - 60% semisweet, not need for chopping here - These were wonderful!
6.5 ounces milk chocolate, finely chopped. Again I used Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Chips, no need for chopping.
3 TBS. Organic Unsalted Butter (room temp, chopped up into small cubes)
Cocoa for coating cutting board..(I just used parchment paper)
1.5 lbs dark or milk chocolate for couverture
Fine Grey Sea Salt for sprinkling on chocolates

1) Bring the cream to a boil in a small saucepan. Cover and set aside.
2) Put the sugar in a deep, heavy bottomed stainless steel saucepan. Add the corn syrup and 2 TBS of water, stir with wooden spoon to wet all ingredients. Do not stir to dissolve.
3) Begin heating the sugar over low to medium heat. Wash any crystals that are clinging to the inside of the pot into the rest of the sugar, using a wet pastry brush. Keep doing this throughout the process. Heat the sugar, with out disturbing the pot until sugar begins to boil clear. Once sugar boils clear, swirl the pot from time to time to distribute the heat within the syrup. When the sugar begins to take on a light amber color, watch it carefully and swirl the pot often. It will go to a deep caramel within a few minutes. Once the caramel has reached 370, turn off the head and quickly and carefully whisk in the hot cream. Whisk vigorously with a long handled whisk. The mixture will bubble up, be careful. 
4)Put bittersweet and milk chocolates into a large mixing bowl, then pour the caramel cream mixture over. Let stand for 3 minutes to melt the chocolates, then whisk until smooth. Whisk in butter until no streaks remain. Cool to room temperature.
5)Line a 9x9 cake pan with foil, careful not to wrinkle the foil to much. Pour caramel mixture into the pan and refrigerate until firm, this will take about 2 hours, maybe less. My experience was 2 hours. 
6)Lay parchment on top of cutting board. Flip out the caramel mixture onto the parchment. Carefully take off the foil.
7)Trim the mixture to rid the edges of curves (although I did not trim and used everything)
8)Get yourself a nice long butchers knife and a nice large bowl or vase of hot water and paper towels. This assists in the cutting process of the caramels.
9)Begin slicing the caramel mixture, about 1" rows. Then proceed to cut the rows into smaller 3/4 inch pieces. Place in parchment lined Tupperware. Save until you are ready to cover with chocolate. 
10)Caramels need to be at room temperature when ready to be covered with chocolate. 
11) Place the bowl of tempered couverture in front of you. Have a large cookie sheet lined with parchment next to you as well as fine grey sea salt. If you have never worked with tempered chocolate...please watch this video, it is very helpful!  Follow the directions she gives.
12)As you dip your chocolates, be ready or have a helper ready to sprinkle sea salt on the chocolates before it sets. I used a plastic glove for dipping the chocolates, it was helpful and kept my hands clean. 
13)After chocolates are set, place in airtight container at room temperature. Use wax paper between layers of chocolates. Voila!@!

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  1. these look about packing up a box and sending them my way? I could use a little chocolate about now! I've already been on and voted for all my friends, best of luck!!

  2. I've decided this must be very healthy for me - mental health at least. Who could resist those? And am in total agreement with the organic heavy cream (not going back). And yes, voted.

  3. omg That looks so good. I am motivated to try that.

  4. Oh! These look amazing. I could eat one right now, before breakfast! Good Luck! I voted for you.

  5. very lovely! you should try doing honey caramel or lavender caramel too!

  6. These look fantastic! Thank you for sharing the tips of tempering the chocolate!

    You have got my vote. :-)))
    All the best with the challenge!

  7. Megan

    Your server rejects my emails. Can you email me on enquiries(at)moorishfoods(dot)com and I will reply without becoming spam.


  8. Mmmm, I would love to eat a few of those yummy looking treats, especially if I didn't have to put in any of the work of making them! They look fantastic.

  9. Those chocolate covered caramels look fantastic. I can sure do with a couple right now with some tea :) All the best for PFB!

  10. Just found your blog! Love what you are having here. Just printed out the caramel and butterscotch sauce. Thanks for sharing this! I'm following you, I'm persuaded! Have a nice day!

  11. I'm just staring. Yep, just staring. And now my mom is staring. We really want to make these. Just yum. They look all professional with their little swirls. Ours will likely look ugly. Sigh.

  12. Gosh, these caramels look divine and perfect!


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