Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unexpected gifts are the very best kind!

Six months ago I was in the hospital, not able to walk. I had lost all feeling from the waist down and felt like shit, to put it mildly. I was scared, very scared, cried a ton, cried some more and lived for my visitors, especially my husband and kiddos. Two weeks in a hospital is enough for me, or anyone. It was a life changing experience and pushed me into a totally new area of life and living. I had to re-birth myself, yet again, a phoenix from the ashes as my friend Barbara would say. I used a walker, a bath seat, hobbled from wall to wall, endured hours of therapy, had to purchase new shoes that wouldn't fall off because I couldn't feel my feet and had those horrible "hospital nightmares". This wasn't me. Who was this person? Who likes accepting shitty situations? I sure didn't.

This is what I like to think about when times seem tough!

Today when I came from work, I stepped out the front door to check the mail. Much to my surprise, I almost tripped over this beautiful and unsuspecting package sitting patiently at my doorstep. I glanced twice. It looked like there was a card on top for me... and underneath the card was this amazing looking cake. Really and truly....for me....this was too good to be true. I ran inside with this gorgeous caramel colored  apple cake.... riddled with creamy frosting and quickly opened the card on top. It was a card and cake from my dear friend Angela. (the cake was quickly disappearing).....

Hanging out on the beaches of Mexico isn't bad either.
Last week, we had a major celebration at my house. We were celebrating the fact that I was walking again, dancing, blogging and living life to the fullest. (I also sold my walker and bath seat at a deep discount to a sweet older gentleman at a garage sale... it was cause for celebration) It was a thank you party to all those who showed me their amazing love and kindness while I was in the hospital and recovering. I can not even tell you the beautiful friends I have. Angela was one of those dear friends who wrote me encouraging emails while I was in that horrible place we call a hospital. She could not make our party, but was sweet enough to bring this beautiful cake over and drop it at my front door. That is what you call the perfect ending to your day. Who does that? People like Angela who have huge hearts and are ready to share their love with the world. Unexpected gifts are truly the ones that make the heart sing!

I also like to sit on stony beaches and make towers......
After leaving the hospital, I was reborn into a new body. Even thought my new body has some lingering "issues", I have gained so much more in spirit! I have re-discovered cooking and baking in a way I never would have thought possible. I have found a way to make peace with my "dis-ease" and have remembered to take time for me! My time is much more important to me and every moment I have to be healthy and happy brings me bliss. Sometimes.... when push comes to shove... we realize that we needed the show to remind us about living life to the fullest in a mindful manner. Sometimes the worst of situations is never really the worst....there is always a bit of hope! Unexpected gifts... I never knew I would fine a silver lining to my grey cloud.


I blog because blogging makes me happy. (quite simple actually) What I realize most of all is that we need to be kind to our bodies, in every way. Do something nice for yourself today. Take a bath, light some candles, sing a song, go for a walk. Give someone an unexpected gift... it will make you happy too! Love yourself and honor what your body is going through. It is always telling you something....

Thank you dear friends....much love.... megancita! xoxoxo ♥♥♥


  1. What a story. I would have never guessed that you've been such a tough time. You're so right that it is family and friends that make such times bearable. I'm glad that these times are over for you and life is moving on. Keep baking, blogging and telling us stories, because I for one enjoy it!

  2. Oh Megan! I have so much empathy for your "journey". Friends are wonderful, and unexpected gifts are even better:) Glad that you are doing so well.

  3. Megan, I have to agree with you! See, life is actually very simple. All we need is happiness and a healthy life! Remember what I wrote in my recent blog post at Rainbow Wonder Loaf? And this is exactly what I mean! Hope you're well and keep smiling. ^_^
    Cheers, Kristy

  4. Hey Megan, gosh, that sounds so hard. I would have been scared too, but I'm glad you are feeling better. Plus, it sounds like you have sweet people around you, and that's what we all need when we're not feeling well...
    p.s. thanks for that fudgy recipe-it looks so good!
    p.s.s. I just took a trip over to F.B.;)

  5. Phew! Sounds like we have so much in common, I really get your story only because I've been there myself and I am now wearing that same T-shirt.

    No wonder you always include a bit of loving in your recipes.

    I'll share my story with you one day, but today is about you and your story. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Megan,
    I am so so glad that you are well now.
    I would've felt the same way if I were in your shoes.
    I love unexpected simple gifts from the heart too, compared to something that was bought without much thought.
    Be strong, stay well and happy always

  7. Wow, this makes me realize that my struggles with diabetes are not all that hard, in the grand scheme of things. Here's to walking, to good friends, family and good food. Let's get as much enjoyment as we can out of our lives!

  8. Oh I am so sorry that you had to go through all that but I am very happy that you're feeling a lot better now. You really don't realize how lucky you are to do simple things, like walking, until its taken away from you. Things we take for granted. All the more reason to celebrate today and be thankful for our health. Because even if we have our issues, there's always someone else out there that has it worse. I wish you all the best!

  9. I ENVY YOU! look at that sky blue water beach! its just what I need here in Toronto! the weathers been really cold already. its only fall! sucks to be here!!

    Have a lovely day love!!
    jen @

  10. Megan,
    Your post today really touched me! You have put so much into perspective and I'm so happy we've reconnected. (Thank you FB!) Your food blog continues to be a delight and you are a TRUE inspiration to all of us! Here's to good health, good food and good friends - cheers!

    long distance hugs to you - cat s.

  11. Hi Megan, Your story is very inspiring. You have overcome a lot and I admire your strength. What a thoughtful and true friend you have. Reading about her kind gesture makes my heart sing too!

    By the way, loved all the photos in this post!

  12. Oh my god. This reads like a beautiful, poignant drama. I can't believe such a scary thing happened to you...I would certainly be scared shitless! I'm glad you're okay, and appreciating and enjoying life and love.

  13. Oh my goodness--what a story! I glad you are doing better! Blogging, I suppose, meets a need for everyone who does it.

    As for taking care of myself...I went for a long walk this morning! ;)

  14. Megan - what a beautiful post!

    Makes you think and appreciate all the good things in life.

    Delighted you are better.

  15. I had no idea! I am even more impressed with you now, it's so clear that your positive outlook and strength brought you through a difficult and really sucky time. Man, bad stuff happens to good people, huh? I am so glad you had so much love and support, sending you more from the East Coast!

  16. finally got the time to read this post! I'm so happy for you girl. Really happy :)

    have a lovely thanksgiving weekend!
    jen @

  17. Megan, I am so sorry to hear that you went through all that stuff.....It wasn't pretty at all feeling helpless and hopeless...but disappointing happenings sometimes help us to see the world clearer and find the hidden treasures---true friends. :-))


  18. Amazing story! I'm glad you are better now! How nice and caring of Angela. Hope you have a great day!

  19. Sorry to hear what you have gone through. I admire your strength and the love and support from your family and friends. It's great that you are on your feet now. It makes life so much sweeter to know who your real friends are. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Have a blessed lovely day!

  20. How horrible for you to go through such a 'state'. What a beautiful tribute to your friends and a wake up call to the rest of us. Thank you!

  21. That must have been so difficult for you and your family...I am so pleased that you have cause to celebrate now. I am sure that a lot of hard work and determination was needed. You have a lovely and inspiring spirit :)


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