Friday, December 24, 2010

French Chocolates and Italian Leather Boots

This week has been brutal. Beautifully brutal. 500 chocolates later, I have a new hobby (chocolate making) and a buzillion chocolate crumbs all over my house. I have everything from chocolate stained pants and shirts to towels and aprons. You name it, it has been covered in chocolate. I feel quite fortunate to have sold 500 chocolates this week.  The inner passion that comes from the heart, not the head, has made itself known. These are the impulses in life you can not ignore. The ones that knock and don't go away when answered. These are the passions that seemed to be fueled by some boundless energy. I spent the entire week making fresh French chocolates and actually getting paid for it! (Have you ever seen the movie The Secret)....We get what we wish for.

Do any of you remember that fine pair of black boots that I put on my Santa Wish List a few weeks back? I do..  they looked like this. Hot, sexy over the knee black boots. Casual enough for work, but sassy with a pair of tights and a skirt. Take a look - Cute eh?

I just fell in love with these boots the minute I put them on. Franco Sarto (can you hear me)....I was dreaming of getting my hands on these boots come hell or high water. There was one caveat, they cost too much. I couldn't justify spending the cash. I whined about the boots to my husband, hoping he would cave and purchase them.  These boots were going to be my the staple of my winter clothing wardrobe.  I am not sure he had ever heard me whine for a piece of footwear. What to do when your wife whines for black leather boots? Good question! 

When I lost the Pom Pomegranate Party competition (that is another story) and cried and shouted expletives at the top of my voice, my sweet husband went out to our local TJ Maxx to purchase the boots for me as a consolation prize. Sadly they were out of my size at the store.  Just my luck! Nothing like rubbing salt into an already sore wound!  So, I decided at that moment that the only way I was going to get those hot boots on my legs was by making chocolates and selling them for boot money. I did make chocolates, 500 of them,  and suddenly, I could afford the boots. But now that I have the $$$, I am on to saving for something bigger... whatever that may be. (possibly a Nikon D 40)    And just in case Franco Sarto happens to be reading my blog and feels that he would like to trade amazing French Chocolates for a pair of  hot leather boots....  I wear a size 7.5 and prefer the black! A fair trade I do believe.

Love and Chocolates and A Pair of Black Boots
Merry Merry
Miss Megan


  1. you are way too funny! but you are right, those boot are adorable. I'm a boots freak. I would love to have 1000s pairs of them but I control myself. I love your entrepreneurship spirit in making the chocolate to get the money to buy them hehehe. Now, I have to say I did the same...saved money from boots and start saving for a nikon d40. I bought it a few months ago and it was totally worth the money! if it is your first manual, it's a great start! I'm still with it and will be for a long time!

  2. Oh Megan, I'm so sorry about the boots and also the POM competition! Forget about it! It's Christmas Day. And you should enjoy this wonderful celebration with joy & happiness. Definitely, chocolates will help. Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas. Hope you're all having a marvellous time & enjoy the night. May god bless you all.
    Sending my best wishes, Kristy
    ((hugs)) & kisses

  3. Sorry about the boots, but good for you and the chocolates!!!! Merry Christmas to you ;)

  4. I hate it when my clothes get stained with choc.
    It's so hard to wash off.

    I hope Franco Sarto is reading this :)
    Merry Christmas

  5. Nice trade! Fantastic boots...wish I could figure out how I could get you to make ME 500 chocolates!

  6. Sorry to hear about the boots...I like them too.
    Chocolate pralines look decadent.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Franco Sarto is fabulous, and I hope he sends you your deserved boots :) Shoes and chocolate-- two things I can VERY MUCH relate to :) Have a lovely holiday!

  8. Oh Megan! I'm hoping Santa pulled a rabbit out of his bag for you today and the boots will appear (they are darling). Fingers crossed!

  9. yummm, I love the chocolates!! and oh my how I do love a woman in boots!!
    I hope Franco is reading your blog, you never know!!
    Congratulations on your top 9 post today!

  10. Your chocolates look beautiful! So rich and delish ;) Merry Christmas!

  11. Congratulations on the Top 9 with your yummmy chocolates. As for boots, we rarely get to use them in S. Florida. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day, with family, and friends!

  12. hahahahhahahhah....your post was too cute:) So glad to see you getting paid for something you love to do:) Quite inspiring:)

  13. Wow, Megan, I am impressed. 500 chocolates? That you sold? They are certainly lovely and undoubtably delicious, so I would certainly buy them. And the boots are AWESOME!

  14. Very fun! I'm now wishing for those boots as well!

    The chocolate are awesome. I wish I could taste one right now...I'd even be satisfied to lick up the chocolate crumbs!

  15. Boots get dirty in the snow...but chocolates linger in delight. Sorry about the Pom competition.... but boy when you get mad do you ever dish up sweet delectables!

  16. Your chocolates look amazing! Sorry about the boots!

  17. Those are great bots :) And gorgeous chocolates...
    Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

  18. Megan,
    Did you look at for the boots, just wondering in case Franco didn't get to your blog? Your chocolates look so good. I would like one right now.appy 2011.

  19. The chocolates are sexy enough, maybe you could wear them? Great job and yeah, take that POM. haha. I love your ambition and inspiration, but am now feeling guilty about my recent boot purchase. I didn't even save money for them, they were just on sale and super cute.

  20. Sorry you lost the POM competition, Megan! What a was absolutely FANTASTIC and you deserved to win. That is awesome that you were able to sell your chocolates! They look delish. Take care and have a wonderful new year. Your 2011 looks full of promise! :-)

  21. I would have to agree with you. Totally a fair trade. Franco Sarto has PLENTY of boots but I bet he doesn't have many good chocolates.

    That sure is a LOT of chocolates, speaking of chocolate! You did an incredible job!


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