Monday, February 14, 2011

A Chocolate Tasting and a Dictator for a Governor....

(begin rant) I don't like to mix politics and food..... who does? It leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I don't like to chat politics with friends as someone is always offended. Even with my husband, politics is somewhat of a "taboo" subject. We all disagree on one thing or another. However.... when your mother, (Republican) agrees with you, (Democrat) about the current situation in politics, you know you have something very real to be worried about.

 Set the stage with your chocolate - invite your friends.

For those of you who are not aware of the current crisis facing Wisconsin/US politics, let me summarize in a few quick words. Our newly elected Wisconsin Governor....Scott...(ahem.....walker), is currently trying to take away bargaining rights and cut educator pay, or any pay for that matter, of state employees. Police and fire are exempt from this. We all know why police and fire are exempt.  Our pay will be cut by approx. 10%.  That is just $$$ enough to push many of us out of our homes.

 Serve water and crackers to cleanse the palate between chocolates.

Fixing the broken budget does not mean punishing state employees while the private sector gets off Scott-Free..(no pun intended). This political move really stings... it smarts.. it bites. My life revolves around my work at school, my own children and their school and all of my dear friends who are involved in educating our children. To see a young, uneducated governor, ram these changes down our throats makes me angry. How he lied himself into office...nobody will ever know.  I am embarrassed that this man, so asinine and arrogant is representing our state. (end rant)

Take notes on your chocolate.

I haven't been posting lately, visiting other blogs, or frequenting my favorite Foodbuzz. I miss blog land. I miss my friends, I miss your food and photos. I miss it all! My entire world has been consumed by my chocolate making class.  I haven't been drinking wine either (bummer) but... my waist line loves it. Although it seems as if I have replaced my evening glass of wine for an evening chocolate binge. Not a bad trade, I must say.

 Serve something "fun".... who can resist chocolate covered strawberries.

I have hunkered down in my tiny kitchen while experimenting with chocolate and whispering profanities about our current governor. Chocolate school has kept me quite busy. But I must admit, I love my adventure. I have discovered bad moods can be quickly turned around with some melted chocolate on the tongue, children will clean the kitchen for a lick off the spoon and husbands can be charmed by the warm earthy smell of chocolate melting on the stove. 

Thinking about the chocolates she just tasted....

While I am not making chocolates.... my life sounds a bit like this:

I have been living with teen drama, I am surrounded my Will I Am, Nelly, Usher and Katie Perry. I find solace when listening to Outkast. I find humor in things that should not really be humorous. Not eating real foods and surviving on chocolate can be fun. Work avoidance is high right now and my husband and I have had a solid week of no arguments. Sometimes explicit lyrics are okay to listen to. I have eaten beef three times this week and I have been sneaking my daughters lip gloss. My son loves scary stories and 80's music. I can never find a quiet moment to read and when I do... I  turn up inappropriate music really loud.  Friends are amazing and being a good one is a beautiful and difficult job.  Chocolate tastings are a must for anyone serious about chocolate and blizzards, igloos, gray skies, and sea salt surround me.

I made limited amounts of chocolates for Valentine's day. After my holiday chocolate making adventure... I realized that being slave to my kitchen for a week is not all that it is cracked up to be when managing a full time job, and being a mother! Somethings gotta give! By the way.. I still have not purchased those sexy tall black Franco Sarto boots - all in due time.

Peace.... love and chocolate..... good night and Happy Valentines Day....

Sending out lots of love and goodness...  our future is too important to keep my mouth shut.
xoxo Megan


  1. Happy V day to you too. Seems like chocolate school pays off - these chocolate creations are beautiful!

  2. Yeah, I know what do you mean by politics! Most of the time not knowing which is right or wrong. It's a dirty job! People are suffering out there. Well, what the heck! It's Valentine's Day and it's supposed to be a fun, loving & a sweet day. How I wish I have a box of your chocolate right now. Wishing you the very best. xoxo miss you a lot!
    Kristy ((hugs))

  3. Education is under total assault right now, and it makes no sense in terms of the long-term prospects of this country. I am an educator so I am biased, but I really do not understand how short-sighted people are on this critical issue.

    And...the chocolate class sounds amazing! Glad to hear you back in the blog world for a bit.

  4. I'm with you and I live in IL. As a former elementary teacher, the general public doesn't realize the value of teachers and teaching in our childrens lives. Our children spend more waking hours at school, than they do home. I'll get off my soapbox now.

    Tour choclates look so good, and I hope that you get the boots, before Spring comes!

  5. Let's talk no politics, but chocolate...something we all love. :-))
    I have never attended a chocolate tasting. How interesting and great!

  6. Sorry to hear about how you're being affected by the budget cuts. It doesn't make any sense that teachers get paid so little. People in this country don't seem to value education and that's why the rest of the world is kicking our tails. Have you thought about moving to a different country? They really like American teachers and pay a lot more in places like Bahrain, etc.

  7. Sorry to hear that the budget cuts affected you. The chocolate you made looks delicious! It is good to rant when you are angry, better than keeping it all inside you. Good to know that chocolate can chase away bad moods:D

  8. beautiful chocolate, a$%hole governor, and a congrats on your new adventure!!!

  9. Your caramel chocolates look divine! I wish I had one right now (3pm low blood sugar, done with work, where's my coffee kinda day.

    Great post.
    thx, Ceecee

  10. I don't know a lot about US state governments, but it's disappointing when any government discounts the value of teachers. What could be more important than the people who educate our children?

  11. Megan, your chocolates look absolutely perfect! How is anyone to believe you made them yourself? Maybe you could throw a sloppy one in with each batch so the recipient won't think you bought them. (And I can't think how you can do such beautiful work when you're agitated!)


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