Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pimm's Jasmine Lime Bergamot Summer Cocktail

It really is okay to mix your uppers with your downers. Yes, I am writing this under the influence of caffeine and alcohol.

Pimm's #1.

Britain's favorite and now mine.

Some sort of secret earthy mixture, a gin based spirit.

Satisfy yourself and someone else with Pimm's. It is a delicious little known token liqueur that deserves a taste.

I have turned in my bottle of Malbec for Pimm's. I would forgo all other alcoholic drinks for Pimm's. (truth)

I have had too much Pimm's for writing anything worthwhile. Enjoy your summer evening with someone you love. Dream up a new you. Watch the fireflies with your children. Light a fire. Make a wish. Feel the love!

Pimm's Jasmine Lime Bergamot Summer Cocktail
(I enjoy this cocktail so much as the tea just gives the the mellow Pimm's a bit of an edge)

2 Jasmine tea bags, steeped in 2 cups water - refrigerate until cool
Juice of 1 lime
An entire lime slice thinly
1 Can of fizzy lemon lime soda
Two large bergamot leaves, chopped thinly - If your Bee Balm is blooming.... throw a blossom into each cup.


(Optional Ingredients)
A lazy summer evening
Neighbors you love......(we miss you Steven and Heather)
A fine supper
Someone you want to squeeze (where you want to squeeze them is up to you)

Steep tea. Cool tea. Juice Lime into tea. Slice lime. Add soda into mix. Add sliced bergamot leaves into drink. Add a shot glass (an ounce or so) of Pimm's into your drink cup that is full of ice. Pour mixture over ice. Stir, sip and squeeze!

Loads of squeezes and foodie love..... Megan


  1. Well now, that sounds good. I had a Pimm's Cup for the first time in New Orleans earlier this year, and thought it was delightful. Your additions make it sound even better. How about adding a slice or muddle of cucumber? I doubt it will take me off of my Pinot Noir as it did you your Malbec, but who knows?

  2. I want what you're having. :) Never had Pimm's but I think I need to find some now!

  3. That sound nice! I will definitely be back to read more.


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