Sunday, July 24, 2011

A sea of Chocolate Pecan Caramel Turtles

Chocolate turtles from A to Z.

You might think these little creatures are hard to make.... not so. Just give yourself time, and you will be pleased with your results. So pleased with your homemade chocolate turtles, they will be gone before you know it. On a side note, I have zero motivation today. I have started seven activities and finished only one... this blog post. I have put in about 7 rows into a knitting project, kind of folded some of the laundry, ate some lettuce for lunch (plus a turtle), started working on some gardening, thought about going to the store and got as far as opening the closet door in hopes of cleaning it. Not happening.

I can't even begin to touch the tragedy that Norway is experiencing. Just makes me want to cry, again and again. It has quite depressed me and probably you. I can't shake this one. I just read the maximum sentencing that the maniac could receive under Norwegian law was 21're kidding me right? Something in the air. My mind keeps visualizing a mass soul migration of beautiful winged creatures. Visions of a beautiful giant bird, made up of the strong spirits hovering over the lake, holding on to each other. The bird, shedding it's own tears for what was robbed from it. Young life, love, happiness and hope. My prayers go out to those who lost their lives, that their souls move on to a better place... together. Prayers of love to all the families who were robbed of their children, parents, husbands and wives. We need more humanity in this world.

It's all in the nuts. Roasted and salted pecans.

On second thought...the caramel does look really good.

Wait a sec....I really think it really is all in the caramel....

Hold on... really it's all in the fine dark chocolate.

Yup... defiantly in the chocolate.

The three together make these amazing sweet and salty pieces of pure deliciousness.

Roasted Pecans
5 cups or 1 pound organic pecan halves
4 TBS organic unsalted butter - Organic Valley or Pastureland
Salt - use a good salt. I used around a heaping teaspoon or half tablespoon of Real Salt

Oven to 300. Melt butter in saucepan. Add nuts. Stir. Add salt while tossing nuts. Toss again. Place on baking sheet. Put in oven. At 15 minutes, toss again, stir or flip with spatula. At thirty minutes take out and let cool. After cool, place into colander and toss again. This will remove any unwanted salt and smaller pieces of nut, nut debris. Arrange nuts in clusters of 4 on parchment paper. About 50 clusters with some nuts left over for decoration.

Caramel Recipe for Turtles
2 TBS Unsalted organic butter
1/2 cup organic light brown sugar
1/2 cup regular sugar
1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup
1 cup organic heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla extract

In heavy bottomed sauce pan combine, sugars, corn syrup, butter and cream. On low-medium heat stir until mixture comes to a boil. Increase heat to med-high and cook the caramel mixture, stirring frequently, until thermometer reaches 246 degrees. Take off heat and add vanilla. Stir again and pour into smaller bowl. Let cool a bit, about 2 minutes. Then slowly scoop out caramel at add about 3/4 TBS to each nut cluster. Do not disturb, let cool for at least 30 minutes. I let mine cool over night.

1 lb. of fine dark Chocolate. I used Guittard - Machu-Piccu -Peru - 65% Cacoa - Delicious... not too bitter. Compliments the flavors of the roasted sugars and nuts. Temper your chocolate using your preferred method. Using a tablespoon, spoon on chocolate over the caramel and nut mixture, top with a nut if desired. Let chocolate set up. Store on parchment paper, one layer high. Do not attempt stacking these as they will stick to the turtle below.

Peace, love and more humanity - xoxo Megan
Pretty sure this post was just a cover for my own needs to digest what has happened in Norway. Eating the turtles doesn't help any...they were just a distraction. We really do need more humanity in the world.


  1. These look delicious!! Hehe and they even look like little turtles, cute! :)

  2. Ohh these look so very good. even I can make these!

  3. These look so cute!!..will surely try!

    RIP-all those innocent souls.Seriously we need more love & humanity in this world!!

  4. The turtles sound fantastic.

  5. Megan, I share your sorrow. We live in unsettling times. It is so hard to accept the fact that a zealot could cause so much grief and cause so many lives to be changed forever. My mother loved turtles. I've bookmarked your recipe to try when the weather is a bit cooler. Blessings...Mary

  6. These turned out beautifully. I need to make some caramel again.

  7. These look fantastic!
    Yes, things like the Norwegian massacre should never happen. It's truly awful.

  8. Oh wow! These look incredible! Love everything about these... and will be making soon!!!

    New to your blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  9. Oh, these are stunning! LOVE them! Congrats on the Top 9 today~

  10. What a wonderful selection of recipes. Thank you so much for sharing them. I enjoy your site so much.

  11. Hi Megan der, it's been awhile. Hope you're well too. Frankly, I have to bookmark this for my next project. Gosh, It looks so so temtping! Thanks for sharing & hope you're having a great day ahead.

  12. So pretty, and so yummy! Turtles are a favorite in my family!

  13. Great great idea! Kids can help to make them too,since they'd be eating them all.

  14. These look delicious! I've never hard dark chocolate from Macchu Pichu. Is it very different from the usual kind you can find at your local grocery store?

  15. These turtles look so cute! I found you on food buzz! Great post! They look so easy to make, and I love chocolate, and caramel, pecans...Yummy!

  16. These were sooooo good! Thanks for sharing! :-) -Angela

  17. o Megan, those turtles look so TEMPTING!!! I can't stop just eating one or two.

  18. Oh boy, this is definitely a sea that I would love to dive into! These turtles are really stunning, Megan.

  19. Thanks so much for the delicious comments! I wanted to mention that the chocolate I used is called Peru - Machu Picchu - It is a variety from Guittard Chocolates. Your favorite chocolate will do, it was just what I chose to use for this particular recipe.

    And thank you to those who read the emotion in the post... life is hard, what happened in Norway broke my heart. Some things in life touch us more than others. My heart is sending love that direction, every day - xoxo megan

  20. I love TURTLES! love them. Thanks for the comment on my blog and the concern about bears...that's a big issue for me. The solution i posted under your comment.

  21. Oozing with taste of the chocs and nuts, lovely.

  22. Those are incredibly tasty looking! Totally worth it :)

  23. I love the crispness together with the gooey caramel when you bite it. It's not easy nor difficult to make, it only needs a lot of preparation time but it's worth it!

  24. I've always wanted to make these! They are one of my favorite candies. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! They are lovely!


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