Friday, September 30, 2011

7 hr pork shoulder, super salsa, minimal waste, and a (homemade) video

 How to host a party with minimal waste?

#1 - Start by inviting several of your dearest friends and family. ✓
# 2- If planning a BIG event, have your guests bring their own reusable dinnerware and cups.  ✓
#2 - Plan your menu around the goal. You want a menu that will be delicious and one where you can source your ingredients locally. ✓
#3 - Set out shopping. Head to the local farmers market. Bring your own bags to minimize waste in the end. Look at 'food miles'. See how far something had to travel to make it to your table? Can you purchase from the farmer who is 5 miles from town? ✓
#4 - Cook a damn good meal. ✓
#5 - Compost everything that you possible can. Encourage your friends and family to compost. Have them observe you in your element!  ✓
#6 - Recycle everything else! ✓
#7 - Smile pretty... you just had a party with minimal waste, you produced a minimal amount of waste, less than a bag... produced more compost than actual garbage! ✓

This post will wrap up my four post series for Glad and Tastemakers from Foodbuzz. I have had fun encouraging others to try to "think outside the can". Repeat, garbage cans aren't going anywhere, it is what you put in them that counts. Throughout the past month I have had the chance to reflect on my families garbage "output". We still produce too much garbage. I have had twinges of guilt rise up when I have been at stores this month and I do not have my canvas bags with me. I don't want to just be complacent with the paper bag attitude. As a culture, we are so far removed from the reality of where things come from and where they end up. Hence my push this month on composting. It means a lot to me to see my produce waste move just 50 feet to our back yard compost pile and I watch it turn into finished compost. It feels good to recycle my containers, glass and paper. I want to know that somehow in this crazy world of ours, my impact is minimal.

I hosted a "party" at my house with close friends and family. We enjoyed a delicious meal together, ate a TON of food and I was left with practically any waste at all. We had a plastic bag for the meat, a can from the olives, and the wine bottles of course, some pork fat that we couldn't compost and a bit of other miscellaneous waste. I have hosted parties where my garbage can is overflowing. Take the time to bring and use reusable plates and real silverware.  It makes a difference. Take the time to purchase locally. You will buy fresh, you can use your own bags and miss out on all the garbage bag waste.

Super Salsa - shop local - now is the time to take advantage of the tomato harvests!

5 large delicious tomatoes - heirloom and ripe if you can
1/2 clove garlic crushed
1/2 of a medium onion - chopped small and rinsed in cold water
2 cubanella peppers - chopped very fine - 
1 tsp salt
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
3/4 ripe red jalapeño - you want it wrinkly and crinkly on the outside.
juice of 1 small lime

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy on your fresh pork tacos. Taste along the way and adjust ingredients, such and the salt, pepper and lime.

7 Hour Pork Shoulder- for pork tacos

4 lb pork shoulder, locally and sustainably raised
4 Italian Fryer peppers, cubanellas or other sweeter pepper chopped roughly
4 heirloom tomatoes chopped roughly
1 medium onion chopped roughly
1 Jar of Frontera Grill Salsa - your choice, I used roasted tomato and garlic
1 large clove of garlic, crushed
for some kick - throw in 1/2 a habanero

Oven to 300F. Cut off excess fat off the pork shoulder and brown nicely in a deep ditch oven. Brown on all sides. Add salsa, add all the tomatoes and peppers and garlic. Let start to simmer, cover and place in the oven. Check every two hours, stir juices and flip meat over half way through. Cook for seven hours for delicious, tender, flavorful meat.

Guests enjoying the good food......especially the kids.

A truly homemade video on composting. Disclaimer: My sweet daughter was working the camera. My head is missing from 1/4 of the video, however for her impromptu role as camera woman, she did great! This is laughable... my whole family begged me not to post. HA!  Please don't grade me on this video... I promise to do better next time. Pinky swear!

loads of foodie love and kisses - megan


  1. I have such plastic/paper bag guilt too. I almost always bring my reuseable bags, but I kick myself like crazy when I forget. This looks fantastic. Fun video!

  2. I can never remeber my paper bags either, and they are right in the car. Very informative video, and congrats to the videographer on her first video!

  3. There's nothing like a slow cooked pork shoulder and good salsa for tacos! Wonderful recipes!

  4. This recipe looks amazing! I usually go straight for the pork tenderloin, but will have to give the shoulder a try! Also, your video is great! I just started composting this year and def agree that we generate a lot of unnecessary trash.


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