Tuesday, September 20, 2011

getting trashy ....

I know... not what you expected. You probably thought I would be pictured in this post sloshing it up with the neighbors with some delightful cocktail in my hand. Not so my friend, I'm talking trash here. But for those of you who were looking for Miss Megan getting trashy...I will give you this....

yes.. that is me with pomegranates for breasts...
Now back to the topic at hand... Trash! Above, you see my old garbage can on the left and my new one on the right. Old trash can currently has garbage can envy while it stands next to the new and shiny garbage/recycle can with an automatic sensor to boot. Poor plastic can....crying out from inside his trashdom.

We were all quite surprised when UPS showed up with a huge box with my name on it. My husband thought I took the credit card and charged a new kitchen trash can to it. (first shoes... now trash cans...) Not so. I blame it all on Foodbuzz...love you!  I have been participating in a Foodbuzz, Tastemakers program focusing on Glad products and ideas. I  know, you think Glad... produce more trash so they can sell more bags. Not so my friends. Glad is working on being the creators of bags made with less plastic while at the same time educating their average consumer about trash, recycling and compost. It was Glad who sent me the new can with the recycle compartment. I love it... my kids love it, plus I have been able to try out some of their new products such as compostable compost bags and trash bags that contain 40% less plastic than their regular bags. I must admit I love not having to waltz across my kitchen to the recycle bin as the new can has dual compartments, one for trash and one for recycled goods. It is handy, easy to clean and sleek. Glad is working with regular people like me and looking for ways in which we can change our trashy habits.

We all create trash, but it is what we put into our trash that is important. This is just a small preachy post encouraging you to start thinking about what you put into your trash can. When you think about this....

L.A. River.... clean up after storm

or this.....
Plastics at the mouth of Mt. Everest

it makes you think twice about throwing everything away! Plastic this, and plastic that. Bags, juice boxes, yogurt containers, water bottles, soda bottles,  you name it, plastic garbage is everywhere. It is one of the culprits that has littered our landscape and is here to stay. Plastic just doesn't decompose like organic products do, plastic thrown into the trash will end up in our landfills, or floating in the oceans.

How about this fact:

Plastic bags? The stuff from grocery stores? Yep. Each year, the world produces 60 billion tons of plastic, including nearly 5,000,000,000,000 (trillion) plastic bags. In the US, 100 billion are thrown away; only 0.6% are recycled. - from www.care2.com

Take 4 minutes and watch this fantastic and funny video which demonstrates the life of a plastic bag:

Yikes... unless you are creative and able to make art out of used plastics..... you should be concerned about what you throw into your garbage can. I consider myself lucky as I live in Madison where we are able to recycle so much of our garbage. We usually produce 1.5 bags of trash per week for a 4 person household. Our recycling container holds the most "trash" and it is filled almost every week. I know not everybody can recycle due to the limitations imposed by their community waste collection program, however,  we can all avoid using plastic bags.

Use a canvas bag when shopping:

Recycle your paper, plastics, aluminum foil, and mail whenever possible. Bring your own bags, buy locally, and spread the word to your friends and neighbors. We are given the opportunity to live on this beautiful earth, the least we can do is take care of it.

Trashy love from the heartland.... xoxo megan


  1. LOL...such a trashy post. But I agree wholeheartedly with your message :)

  2. I like you getting trashy! :) My grocery bags are three logo cloth bags that I got at conferences. I get asked all the time "what does ATE mean?" SCME mean? MATEC mean? They work great and what better thing to do with all those bags!


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