Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pie Palooza Madison 2012

It is easy to while away your time eating, especially when it is pie.

Eat it up Madison.

Mark this one on your to do list for next fall. Sponsored by REAP, Research, Education, Action and Policy on Food Group is a Madison based non-profit that helps bridge the gap between the food you eat and where it comes from. From farm to table, seed to fruit, farm to school, local food and community based, REAP works to keep the connections fresh and strong. Each one of their food based events brings the community together. These events help remind us of the important role we play in bringing balance back to our relationship with food. Pie Palooza is one of REAP's many special events held during the year. Local chefs and restaurants work to create and donate delicious edibles, in pie form, for the hungry masses. You purchase your ticket, and voila, you are fed.... with pies, both sweet and savory alike.

both sides of the pie line....

Formerly housed at RP's Pasta, Pie Palooza has grown to the point that now it is held in the spacious and lovely Goodman Center on Madison's East side.  Families and friends alike have their choice of two slices of pie, sweet or savory. Delicious greens are served as well as local ice cream from Sassy Cow Creamery and local coffee. This was my maiden voyage to Pie Palooza and it is definitely one I will be taking again. I was immediately struck with the friendliness of the volunteers and dedicated professionals who were working to make this event a success. Both Miriam Grunes and Theresa Feiner from REAP made me feel quite at home while I and others quietly (or not so quietly) indulged our palates with delicious pies, coffee and more delicious pie.

Listed below are the many local Madison restaurants who participated in Pie Palooza 2012 by making and donating some type of delicious pie offering. There were apple gallettes made with local apples and maple syrup, leek quiche with cheese from Edelweiss Creamery, pumpkin chiffon pie, pumpkin pecan and wild rice mini quiche, cranberry pecan honey tarts... the list goes on and on and on.

Madison Restaurants Participating in 2012 Pie Palooza

Pie Palooza is a sell-out event every year so make sure to keep a lookout for this come next fall.  Head over to REAP's website to see what there upcoming offerings might be. You can even consider becoming a member. Your contribution will be put to good use! We need REAP in our community to keep the good food energy moving and to keep us all educated on the local food happenings in and around the Madison community.  Check their site often for cool food events that will keep us all connected.

Peace and Pie

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