Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Community Supported Chocolate - Madison Chocolate Company

What do you think of the amazing new logo? Design by Tom Cranley
Most of you know that I have been working, working, working on staring my own chocolate business. Well, it is really happening. Madison Chocolate Company is my new baby. The process has been long and slow, but yet with each step, progress has been made. I have had to let some of my blogging go over the last year to make room for something a bit sweeter. 

For my first initial push of the business, I am offering a Spring Chocolate Share. Just like your agricultural share, yet made out of chocolate. I have been so encouraged by my local community,  that I wanted to find a way to continue sharing my passion with those who are willing to support the neighborhood chocolate maker. I am a micro-business, offering hand dipped, mouth melting chocolates. I want my business to always reflect the happiness that I get from making tempting treats and seeing others enjoy them! The process of making chocolate is so precise and technical yet so utterly intimate and artistic. I am working at this because I get something back from it. I am happy in the kitchen as making chocolate is simply pure magic.

Spring Chocolate Share - Madison, Wisconsin

Get your Spring Chocolate Share via Madison Chocolate Company! A CSC... Community Supported Chocolate! Madison Chocolate Company will offer its first share of chocolate goodness beginning this March. I am looking for those of you who are willing to commit to a chocolate share for three months. I have a personal business goal of purchasing a tempering machine in the upcoming months. This machine will enable me to hand dip more of my chocolates in less time. I hope to make this goal via this first run of a Community Supported Chocolate subscription! In the Spring Share, you will receive a box of chocolate goodies, chocolatier's choice (that's me), for late March, April and May. Each box will contain a mouth melting mix of around 14-16 pieces. The cost is $75.00 for three months = $25 per box. Support your local chocolate maker! I have a limited amount of subscriptions, and as always, first come, first serve. Exact Dates, more details, and pick-up times, TBD. Email me if you are interested. First Delivery – week of March 25th. March box spoiler alert: turtles.

I will be posting here with updates while I am working on my website.