Megan Hile - Chocolatier, Owner of Foodalution - Madison WI

Cooking keeps me sane, it is the molasses in my life, slows me down and keeps me sweet.

I need all the sweetness that I can get - life in all of it's busy-ness puts before us some big challenges, and all we can do is greet those challenges at the door and let them in. - Sweetness, is what I bring into my chocolate making, cooking and baking lots of love ♥♥♥. Pour it on like a thick maple syrup.... what love we put into our food passes on to those who eat it. Consider what you do every day for your family, friends and work a blessing ~ it is!

Chocolatier~ Recently finished my Ecole Chocolat chocolatier course to fuel my lastest passion, chocolate making. Heading to Ecuador this June for an chocolate-internship in Mindo, Ecuador. Visit my kitchen, there is always some sort of chocolate confection. Always.

Foodie~ I adore the challenge that the kitchen presents. I love fresh, local, organic food that nourishes. Slow food driven. Give me a good aged cheese and a local apple....I am in heaven.

Lover~ For those of you who aren't, hop on board. I fall in love hard and fast. I have a big heart full of love for all. Easily swooned.

Human~ Aren't we all. When outside of chocolate temptress mode, I have a life of being 100% human. I have had MS since 1998. Every day is about living it to the fullest, being thankful for what I have and giving my body the chance to move and celebrate being alive.

Mother~ Awww... the best for last. Working at motherhood is like writing a never-ending story. As the kids grow, bigger problems and heavier worries surface. Yet there is more beauty and humanness to love.  

Megan's Pantry List
parchment paper
digital timer
digital thermometer - love my Thermapen
more parchment paper
my Vitamix
clean water
chocolate, dark
mascarpone cheese - Crave Brothers
organic sugar
heavy cream (organic valley)
organic buttermilk
unsalted butter (pastureland or organic valley)
good local Wisconsin cheese
fresh fruit
dry beef salami - Gurman
sea salt
mineral salt
pink salt
gray salt
black salt
sea salt flakes
kosher salt
frozen berries for purees
le creuset dutch oven
18/10 stainless bowls
good olive oil - currently crushing on an Italian variety by TJ's
Sunflower oil from - Driftless Organics
more chocolate 
the list will continue....(time for a nap)

Food + Evolution = Foodalution. 
The solution for a healthy evolution. Eat Good Food... and chocolate!